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Research Paper - A Sample of Research Paper

Research Paper - A Sample of Research PaperA sample of research paper will show you a summary of the most significant points of research. It is in your hand, what you need to get out of this research paper. You can get out of this article with this sample and will be amazed with the results of the research you will do with it.The purpose of a research paper is to gather information. And the better information you gather the better your research will be. A sample of research paper will show you the various research ways and methods you could use for your research. This article is composed of different ways of gathering information.There are many research papers written on the internet. Many of these papers can only give you some information on how to do the research. But a research paper on this website can show you more ways and methods that can help you in your research.It is the main way of gathering information on this website. It will give you general information that can be used by every student that is in the area to start studying for their Masters or even PhD in any topic.Another form of this research paper is to use Google search to find the right journal and article on the subject that you want to research. This research paper will give you all the information you need in order to understand the topic better.The most important thing is to have a good understanding of the topic. The research paper needs to discuss some facts about the subject in order to explain what you learned. A good research paper should also provide some examples of the data gathered by the researcher.The first form of a research paper is the most simple one. You should have all the information you need to make your research come out better. And the best way to keep your data updated and correct is by getting a professional opinion from a person who knows what he is doing.

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Social Justice Towards War Veterans - Free Essay Example

Mental health is a major health problem that military community faces. Beyond physical injuries, veterans tend to be affected by all kinds of mental disorders such as psychological and psychiatric. As a result, those traumatic disorders turned these people with brain damage such as disorder post-traumatic stress, depression, addictions to alcohol and drugs and in the worst cases in suicides when they returning to their previous lives. It is very difficult for many veterans to live a normal life after they return to the country, thats why helping men and women who have served to the country is one of the most important priorities of the Government. Veterans experience higher rates of mental health concerns than nonveterans. Suicide risk is almost four times higher in the veteran population than in nonveterans. A major issue affecting mental health outcomes faced by transitioning veterans is community reintegration. In military populations that have been studied since the deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, it has been observed that members of the military return to their homes are less likely to attend health appointments for mental health needs compared to physical health needs. A significant group of individual that abandons military service is diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. A special edition of Healthcare presents original articles that explore a variety of topics related to the relationship between mental health and risk-taking behaviors of veterans engaged in clinical mental health services. One of them was a reported that veterans have a high rate of risk-taking driving above the speed limit, illicit drug use, and negative alterations in mood and behaviors. Also, examined the associations between anger, aggression. Both anger and aggression were observed to be more prevalent in veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Veterans who were arrested but before being found guilty were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder were more likely to be referred for treatment, than those whose diagnosis was made after being found guilty. This research could have important implications for those veterans involved in the judicial system who are also experiencing mental health difficulties. The reason for this research was carried out to review a variety of different treatments to demonstrate the effectiveness, or not, of the current support for veterans with PTSD. As a negative result of these support programs for veterans with PTSD, they only focus only on reducing the symptoms of PTSD, however, they do not offer support for incorporation into society. (Understanding the Needs of Veterans with PTSD, 2018) The suicide crisis among soldiers and veterans of the United States Armed Forces in 2012 had surpassed the total of those killed in the battle, an average of 22 to day-about 8000 a year. The nations military troops are taking their lives at record numbers. Some statistics help to understand what happens. Although more than 69% of veterans who kill themselves are over 50 years old, in recent years the suicide rate has risen by 44% for those between 18 and 24 years old. Which points to the possibility that psychiatric drug prescription has side effects including possible addiction, in the increased aggression and suicidal thinking to those who had difficult military domestic violence, child abuse, and sex crimes, as well as self-harm. (THE HIDDEN ENEMY, 2013) Due to the barriers that service members and their families faced to the care of mental health treatment, in 2014 positive changes was made as a prevention and intervention strategies for veterans by the Department of Defense. The concern was regarding mental health access associated with seeking assistance for mental and behavioral health care. Therefore, the American Nurses Association partnered with First Lady Michelle Obamas Joining Forces campaign. The objective is dedicated to calling attention to and addressing critical issues facing veterans and military families. Despite positive changes in prevention and intervention strategies, there are barriers such as personal, social and economic, that interfere in the care of mental health treatment for service members and their families. To mention some example; some are not prepared to talk about traumatic events, fear of prejudice and discrimination, or even believe that problems will disappear over time. Transportation problems or financial resources issues. Concerns about command assess to mental health records and security clearance policy. Another method that has been implemented to abolish these special social barriers is that military leaders for their members in service have set the responsible to sends the message that seeking treatment when necessary is good. (The Journal for Nurse Practitioners Continuing Education Credit Application, 2014) Following these are the new programs instituted in all services for veterans to improve functional performance that has been effective. The US Army has committed an organization by guiding military, community leaders, as well as peers, to identify high-risk behaviors and to call on to assist with primary prevention of behavioral health problems. At the same time encourage individuals the use of mental health services when they experience trouble coping with stress caused by separation, deployments, financial pressures, and other work or relationship issues. Army leadership established a Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness program. A similar program has been created by the US Air Force called the Comprehensive Airman Fitness program. Also, the Navy establishes the Combat and Operational Stress Control program. All these programs were created with the same objective, putt mental fitness on the same level as physical fitness to promote positive behaviors in caring, committing, conn ecting, and communicating. Meanwhile, the Marines have instituted caring for friends. This program focuses on the reduction of substance abuse to promote connections with others, for the mental health needs of their members in services. (The Journal for Nurse Practitioners Continuing Education Credit Application, 2014) Brain injuries can be extremely serious. This problem is not only directly related to veterans in the war, but also to immediate family members. Family support greatly influences on veterans to face new struggle. It is very important to have a lot of affection, and patience because sadness and anger is part of the process of adaptation to a new beginning of life to them. Years to decades can pass before a service member seeks professional help for psychological problems. That why it is important to emphasize that to obtain better results it is not enough with the efforts of the campaigns of the support programs that have been very effective in the last years by the Department of Defense. It is also very important the support of family and friends motivating them to recruit to these programs to all those who present symptoms of insomnia, nightmares, restlessness; abuse of the use of alcohol or drug, depression, insomnia, everything that leads to a malfunction and integration to the co mmunity and their mental health well-being. The government has made a serious effort to provide adequate programs and services to the veterans of our nation. These programs are very important, help veterans with new strategies to learn to identify and control their anger and frustration. In addition, gives them a hope for a new beginning of civil life and family, and finding support in the community. Therefore, it is everyones job to help our veterans in their process of their social rehabilitation as a community.

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Compound Sentence Worksheet for ESL Students

There are three types of sentences in English: simple, compound and complex. This worksheet focuses on writing compound sentences and is ideal for lower-intermediate classes. Teachers can feel free to print out this page to use in class. Compound Sentences—What are They? Compound sentences are made up of two simple sentences connected by a coordinating conjunction. A great way to remember  conjunctions is FANBOYS: F - For: reasonsA - And: addition/next actionN - Nor: not one or the otherB - But: contrasting and unexpected resultsO - Or: choices and conditionsY - Yet: contrasting and unexpected resultsS - So: actions taken   Here are some example compound sentences: Tom arrived home. Then, he ate dinner. - Tom arrived home and ate dinner. We studied many hours for the test. We didnt pass the test. - We studied many hours for the test, but we didnt pass it. Peter doesnt need to buy a new car. He also doesnt need to go on vacation. - Peter doesnt need to buy a new car, nor does he need to go on vacation. Conjunction Use in Compound Sentences Conjunctions are used for different purposes in sentences. A comma is always placed before the conjunction. Here are the main uses of the FANBOYS: Addition/Next Action and And is used as a coordinating conjunction to show that something is in addition to something else. Another use of and is to show that one action follows another.   Addition: Tom enjoys playing tennis, and he likes cooking.Next Action: We drove home, and we went to bed. Opposition—Contrasting or Showing  Unexpected Results but/yet Both but and yet are used to contrast pros and cons or show unexpected results.   Pros and cons of a situation:  We wanted to visit our friends, but we didnt have enough money to get a flight.Unexpected results: Janet did very well on her job interview, yet she didnt get the position. Effect/Cause—So/For Confusing these two coordinating conjunctions is easy. So expresses a result based on a reason. For provides the reason. Consider the following sentences:   I need some money. I went to the bank. The result of needing money is that I went to the bank. In this case, use so. I needed some money, so I went to the bank. The reason I went to the bank is because I needed money. In this case, use for. I went to the bank, for I needed some money. Effect - Mary needed some new clothing, so she went shopping.Cause - They stayed home for the holiday, for they had to work. Choice Between Two or We thought we might go to see a film, or we might have dinner out.Angela said she might buy him a watch, or she might give him a gift certificate. Conditions or You should study a lot for the test, or you wont pass. If you dont study a lot for the test, you wont pass.   Not One nor the Other nor We wont be able to visit our friends, nor will they be able to visit us this summer.Sharon isnt going to the conference, nor is she going to present there. NOTE: Notice how when using nor the sentence structure is inverted. In other words, after nor, place the helping verb before the subject. Compound Sentence Worksheet Use FANBOYS (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) to write one compound sentence using the two simple sentences. Peter drove to visit his friend. They went out for dinner. - Show  a sequence of eventsMary thinks she should go to school. She wants to get qualifications for a new profession. -  Provide a reasonAlan invested a lot of money in the business. The business went bankrupt. -  Show an unexpected resultDoug didnt understand the homework assignment. He asked the teacher for help. -  Show an action taken based on a reasonThe students didnt prepare for the test. They didnt realize how important the test was. -  Give a reasonSusan thinks she should stay home and relax. She also thinks she should go on vacation. -  Show additional informationThe doctors looked at the x-rays. They decided to operate on the patient. -  Show an action taken based on a reasonWe went out on the town. We came home late. -  Show a sequence of eventsJack flew to London to visit his Uncle. He also wanted to visit the National Museum. -  Show additionIt is sunny. It is very cold. -  Show a contrastHe nry studied very hard for the test. He passed with high marks. -  Provide a reasonI would like to play tennis today. If I dont play tennis, I would like to play golf. -  Give a choiceWe needed some food for the week. We went to the supermarket. -  Show an action taken based on a reasonTom asked his teacher for help. He also asked his parents for help. -  Show additionJanet doesnt like sushi. She doesnt like any kind of fish. -  Show that Susan doesnt like either sushi or fishPeter drove to visit his friend, and they went out for dinner.Mary thinks she should go to school, for she wants to get qualifications for a new profession.Alan invested a lot of money in the business, but the business went bankrupt.Doug didnt understand the homework assignment, so he asked the teacher for help.The students didnt prepare for the test, nor did they realize how important the test was.Susan thinks she should stay home and relax, or she should go on vacation.The doctors looked at the x-ray s, so they decided to operate on the patient.We went out on the town, and we came home late.Jack flew to London to visit his Uncle, and to visit the National Museum.It is sunny, but it is very cold.Henry studied very hard for the test, so passed with high marks.I would like to play tennis today, or I would like to play golf.We needed some food for the week, so We went to the supermarket.Tom asked his teacher for help, and he asked his parents.Janet doesnt like sushi, nor does she like any kind of fish. Other variations are possible than those provided in the answers.  Ask your teacher  for other ways to connect these to write compound sentences.

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Prepare for Chemistry Lab Pre-Lab Procedures

Chemistry lab is a required component of most chemistry courses. Learning about lab procedures and performing experiments helps you to learn techniques and reinforces textbook concepts. Make the most of your time in the lab by coming to lab prepared. Lab Prep Tips Review these pre-lab tips before starting an experiment. Complete any pre-lab assignments or homework. The information and calculations are intended to make the lab exercise quicker and easier.Know the location of the lab safety equipment and understand how to use it. In particular, know the location of the emergency exit, fire extinguisher, eyewash station, and safety shower.Read through the experiment before going to the  lab. Make sure you understand the steps of the experiment. Jot down any questions you have so that you can ask them before starting the lab.Start filling out your lab notebook  with information about the experiment. Its a good idea to draw out your data table in advance so all you need to do in the lab is fill it in with numbers.Review the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) of the chemicals you will be using during the lab.Make certain you have all of the glassware, materials, and chemicals needed to complete the lab before starting any part of the procedure.Understand disposal procedures for the chemicals and othe r items used in your experiment. If you are unclear about what to do with your experiment after it has been completed, ask your instructor about it. Dont throw items in the trash or dump liquids down the drain or in waste disposal containers until you are certain it is acceptable to do so.Be prepared to take data in the lab. Bring your notebook, a pen, and a calculator.Have personal safety gear, such as a lab coat and goggles, clean and ready to use before the lab.

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The Conservative Approach to State Intervention after 1979...

The conservative approach to state intervention post 1979 has been on the whole to go for the minimum as is illustrated in their economic policy and this was included in their critique of government economic policy at that time. On the whole the government felt that levels of state intervention were far too high in regards to the economy which led to various negative consequences such as making industry uncompetitive and laid back since the government would bail them out at the first sign of smoke as Labour always did. They also felt it destroyed the incentives for individual entrepreneurship leading people into not achieving their full potential as it was not worth there while, this led to lack of money within the economy as well as top†¦show more content†¦It had two main aspects to it, the most effective way to control the economy is to ensure that the money supply does not rise faster then the growth in economic activity. This is designed to ensure that high inflation is avoided and that industry can operate within a stable economic environment. It also implies that governments should not interfere with the rest of the economy, it is fairly liberal since it promotes minimum state intervention. There were 3 main ways in fulfilling the theory of monetarism, the first was control of the money supply. This was done by initially calculating the money supply. This would help in setting annual targets over growth rate which could be published with the budget as part of a medium term financial strategy. Any deficits could be reduced via 3 ways, high interest rates to lower demand, financing the public sector borrowing requirement without printing money and allowing exchange rate to float as well as stop buying and selling foreign currency to effect the money supply. There were problems with this way though since it was not too effective, particularly in the early 80’s when the inflation rate grew twice the government target, starting at a higher rate from 79-85 then any time in the Labour government. Inflation only fell when the money supply began to increase it was ineffective as society was generally cashless so from 86 onwards the idea of money control was abandoned. The second main way of carryingShow MoreRelatedBritish Child Protection Policies Essay2423 Words   |  10 Pagessaw a raising concern with the cruelty inflicted to children by their guardians, that was expressed in the public campaigns carried out by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children . This, together with the progressive intervention of the state into family life during that period, for example through compulsory education, created the appropriated conditions for the passage of the first law to protect children from abuse and neglect . The Prevention of Cruelty to and Protection ofRead MorePublic Inquiry Into A Via Train, Prime Minister Stephen Harper3610 Words   |  15 PagesIntroduction: Two weeks after RCMP foiled and arrested two men who were conspiring a terrorist plot on a VIA train, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was asked about the possible societal causes of terrorism in response to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s idea that â€Å"someone felt excluded from society† (CBC, August 25, 2013). Harper’s response to this notion was that it was not the â€Å"time to commit sociology† and that â€Å"I don’t think we want to convey any view to the Canadian public other than our utterRead MorePublic Health Paper12265 Words   |  50 Pagesrelate more to sanitary reform and ‘healthy conditions’. The chronological development of public health is mapped out, supported by the outlining and discussion of the emerging themes and influences pertaining to the study of public health. The approach to public health is positioned alongside the health of the population and the prevailing political/societal influence at the time. Pu blic health is impacted on by poverty and environmental factors. Presently government policy to improve public healthRead MoreSocial Policy Essay6100 Words   |  25 Pagesage and widows pension act 1940 decreased the pension age for the women of the age between 60 to 65 yrs old. There was a formation of the 1942 Report on Social Insurance and Allied Services on the basis for the post was reforms known as the welfare state followed by the identification of the five †Giant Evils’’ which included: ignorance, squalor, want, disease and idleness proposed by Sir William Beveridge. This report covered the expansion of the National insurance and the foundation of the NationalRead MoreUK - Analysis Report31935 Words   |  128 PagesDatamonitor. This brief is a licensed product and is not to be photocopied Published 05/2010 Page 1 Overview following year. The recessionary trend in the UK has worsened beyond expectation since the last quarter of 2008. The economy shrank by a sharp 1.6% in that quarter; the worst slide since 1980. The decline has continued in 2009 with falling consumption and investment demand. External demand has also remained weak because of a slowdown in the global economy. Furthermore, economic problemsRead MoreSocio-Cultural Development17197 Words   |  69 Pagesprimarily by self-interest. It can also involve the idea that individuals should strive to be self-reliant. l l However these attitudes or values vary in strength between western societies (e.g. UK society is more secular than the United States), and they also have their own distinctive cultural traits. For example, ‘Britishness’ might be said to include (among other traits): l l l an attitude of reserve (e.g. compared to American outspokenness) a sensitivity to class differences (asRead MoreEurope Economic Crisis55278 Words   |  222 PagesISSN 0379-0991 Economic Crisis in Europe: Causes, Consequences and Responses EUROPEAN ECONOMY 7|2009 EUROPEAN COMMISSION The European Economy series contains important reports and communications from the Commission to the Council and the Parliament on the economic situation and developments, such as the Economic forecasts, the annual EU economy review and the Public ï ¬ nances in EMU report. Subscription terms are shown on the back cover and details on how to obtain the list of sales agentsRead MoreThe Role Of Hrm16574 Words   |  67 Pagesresource management Part contents 1 Introduction to human resource management 1 2 Human resource planning and resourcing 41 3 Work and job design 74 Chapter 1 Introduction to human resource management LEARNING OUTCOMES After studying this chapter, you should be able to: identify the historical developments and their impact on HRM outline the development and functions of HRM understand the differences between HRM and personnel management evaluate ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ approachesRead MoreContemporary Issues in Management Accounting211377 Words   |  846 PagesFrance Greece Guatemala Hungary Italy Japan Poland Portugal Singapore South Korea Switzerland Thailand Turkey Ukraine Vietnam Oxford is a registered trade mark of Oxford University Press in the UK and in certain other countries Published in the United States by Oxford University Press Inc., New York ß Oxford University Press 2006 The moral rights of the author have been asserted Database right Oxford University Press (maker) First published 2006 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may beRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagesand Johnson have provided. They have done some sterling service in bringing together the very diverse strands of work that today qualify as constituting the subject of organisational theory. Whilst their writing is accessible and engaging, their approach is scholarly and serious. I t is so easy for students (and indeed others who should know better) to trivialize this very problematic and challenging subject. This is not the case with the present book. This is a book that deserves to achieve a wide

The Effects Of Spaceflight On The Human Body - 1202 Words

Space Exploration: What Are the Effects of Spaceflight on the Human Body? The accomplishment of space travel on 12 April 1961 marked the dawn of a new space era. Since then, humans have advanced in technology and acquired immense knowledge through space exploration. We watch video clips of astronauts enjoying a gravity-free environment, however, there are challenges in space, the greatest threat being the lack of oxygen and pressure. Furthermore, spaceflight has a significant impact on the human body. Moreover, extreme variations in temperature and intense radiation from sunlight increase the chance of cancer. Significant adverse effects of long-term weightlessness are muscle atrophy (degeneration of cells) and deterioration of the skeleton (Kansas and Manzey 15). Weightlessness is also known to â€Å"cause the ‘moon-face’ appearance typical in pictures of astronauts† (Akiyama 22). Health risks also include cardiovascular system malfunction, balance disorders, eyesight disorders and motion sickness. Moreover, studies show that the crew members experience psychological effects as well, due to stress coupled with the body adapting environmental changes. However, the future prospects of space exploration require humans to endure for longer periods in space. These factors have paved the way for ‘space medicine’ that studies and improve the health of astronauts living in outer space. I will consider the studies on the effects of spaceflight on the human body and attempt to determineShow MoreRelatedAlexander Grant : The Longest Continuous Human Spaceflight966 Words   |  4 Pagesthe longest continuous human spaceflight. The current (2016) record holder for the longest continuous spaceflight is Valeri Polyakov at 438 days, or 14 months [1]. The purpose of this mission was to test the effect of micro-gravity environments similar to those on a journey to mars. Upon Polyakov’s return, his physical and overall mental condition were deemed stable. Due to acclimation times, it was plausible that a 3 year mission to mars would have no hazardous mental effects upon crew [2]. PsychologicalRead MoreThe Physiological And Psychological Effects Of Interplanetary Colonization1392 Words   |  6 PagesThe Physiological and Psychological Effects of Interplanetary Colonization Above 45,000 feet the atmosphere gets rugged, damaged, and begins to grow deeper and darker in color. This occurs because of the decrease in amount of nitrogen and oxygen molecules that are used to populate the air. This alone has tremendous effects on the human body, not just physically, but mentally. In the 1950’s, a major concern of those involved with space research and travel was a psychological problem, called the â€Å"Break-OffRead MoreThe National Aeronautics And Space Administration Essay1666 Words   |  7 PagesNASA has taken many giant leaps in spaceflight since Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon: The International Space Station was built, multiple rovers were sent to Mars, a spacecraft has landed on an asteroid, and we even have pictures of Pluto for the first time. NASA has accomplished some incredible projects that have inspired many and benefited the entire world with the research it has found. Unfortunately, it has recently encountered some setbacks t hat make it nearly impossible for the administrationRead MoreEssay on Human Factors in Long-Duration Spaceflight1162 Words   |  5 Pagesnumerous human factors challenges can complicate, and even ruin the entire mission. This paper will identify human factors challenges the crew will face, describe why they are so dangerous, and finally, identify ways to mitigate these challenges. The first challenge in a long-duration spaceflight is almost immediately apparent after lift-off, leaving the gravitational pull of Earth, and entering a micro gravity environment. Weightlessness can have several different impacts on the human body. AstronautsRead MoreThe Accomplishment Of Space Travel1923 Words   |  8 Pagesspace era. Since then, humans have advanced in technology and knowledge through space exploration. However, although we watch video clips of astronauts enjoying a gravity-free environment, there are challenges in space, the greatest threat being the lack of oxygen and pressure. Furthermore, spaceflight has a significant impact on the human body as extreme variations in temperature and intense radiation from sunlight increase the chance of cancer. Significant adverse effects of long-term weightlessnessRead MoreLong Term Space Travel And Its Effects On The Human Body1427 Words   |  6 PagesLong-term Space Travel and its Effects on the Human Body Synopsis: Humans are planning more space missions to Mars and deeper into the solar system. These manned missions require longer periods of time in space than any human has ever spent, as well as traveling farther from Earth’s protection than ever before. There has been very little research conducted regarding the effects of prolonged space travel on the human body. This paper examines how space travel will likely alter bodily functions. TheRead MoreThe Problem Of Instant Space Travel1437 Words   |  6 Pagesbut the solutions aren’t as far as one might think. With the current limitations of our technology and the overall price of spaceflight, our space program is unable to go as far as we could. The current price is far too high for reasonable space travel, but, how much does a trip to, let s say, Mars, cost? Well, according to The Mars Society: Estimates of the cost of a human Mars exploration program over the years have been wildly disparate, leaving much confusion in their wake. On the high end ofRead MoreEssay on The Life of Konstantin Tsiolokovsky1034 Words   |  5 Pagesand multi-staging, gyroscopes, escape velocities from the Earth’s gravitational field, and the principle of action and reaction. He paved the way for Sputnik I (the world’s first artificial satellite) and the Vostok rocket (the first of manned spaceflight). Tsiolkovsky is considered one of the fathers of rocketry. Robert H. Goddard (1882-1945), considered the father of modern rocketry, was a physics professor who had a talent for practical engineering and experimentation. By 1926, he constructedRead MoreApplication Of Using Crispr Cas875 Words   |  4 Pagesspace are endless. Scientist could manipulate the DNA of humans so that mutations provide astronauts with denser bones and larger amounts of muscle mass. Researchers can also use CRISPR-Cas to edit the genome of astronauts so that they resemble the mutations found in â€Å"Superhumans.† These mutations would make astronauts less vulnerable to bone loss and many other effects experiences in space travel. In addition, scientist could splice human DNA with other organisms through a process called transgenesisRead MoreSpace Flight: Risk of Performance Errors Due to Sleep Loss1644 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction During spaceflight astronauts will experience fatigue that can threaten their health and performance during their period of exploration. If fatigue during space flight goes untreated, there is a potential long-term health effects. The term fatigue can be explained as weariness from bodily or mental exertion and temporary reduction of functioning organs due to excessive stimulus. Astronauts are prone to other risk during spaceflight as well, these are the following: sleep loss, circadian

Differentiation Approach in Hospitality Services-Free-Samples

Question: Discuss about the Differentiation Approach in Hospitality Services. Answer: Hospitality service conducts a relationship with guest and host. This is a way to maintain good relations with the guest for the sustainable condition of the hotel industry. The process has been changed in different practices and tries to implement a best possible result for guests. Through different concepts and innovations, a global change has made in the formation of the hospitality industry. At the early age, guest-friendship relation had found in ancient Greece. The laws of hospitality and the social standing with the determine nobility were considered as the best policy to retain goodwill with customers presented at that age (Becerra, Santal and Silva 2013). In case of Christianity, the custom of foot washing and a kiss of peace was the rituals for them. However, the time changes and the demand of customers and their need for services have also changed. So, a need for better innovation and a developed cultural amalgamation introduces the hospitality services so that better serv ice can be provided to the customers. Hotel management has to understand the need of the customer and have enough knowledge to satisfy them at their means. There are some factors that have changed as the time goes and these factors are the important and relevant aspects of sustaining the business in this globalized market. In comparison in the social aspect, Staff retention and effective use of staffs are one of the major aspects of differentiation. As mentioned by Yoo and Bai (2013) differentiation has applied in their retention policies and provides some experience at work so the customers can feel the homely atmosphere in that space. The upscale quality also provides better luxury from the hotel. The service quality is also improved in this new environment as competitive nature of hotels is persisted in this globalized market. The implement of accommodation management changed service management, quality check-up of foods, physical effort in promotion or marketing are some aspects that help in case of better service pr ovidence. These are some differentiation that occurred at the change of time. The time also changes the marketing communication process. In case of cultural perspective, change in branding and deliver services as per the tradition of a nation is the most important way to maintain a good relationship with customers. Most of the hotel industries, resorts, spa, and restaurants are trying to deliver the nations culture at their stores. Pulling theory of customers and maintain a relationship by delivering their culture through new packing is the most promising business illustration in case of service sectors like this (Snchez-Ollero, Garca-Pozo and Marchante-Mera 2014). Most of the service sectors and hospitality now follow SERVQUAL model and provide enough assurance and trust from the customers so that they build their position in the market. In case of workforce development, travel and tourism in Australia and improve a segment of non-profit organization this model has influenced in an effective way. Tourism marketing plan is an execution strategy for the customers and this kind of program provides effective service that helps to emphasize the opportunity for customers. As commented by Crawford (2013) The quality guest interaction that might not important for earlier times but now it is one of the important aspects of customers retention. The presence of a human element that means the attitude, behavior, and communication all these are important and customers are now judging the hotel atmosphere through these parameters. Some of the new departments have introduced in this session. Total quality management is a team that entirely builds up to manage the situation of the complex situation and maintain quality in a hotel, spa, and restaurants. Promotional strategies also change as the time goes past. New applications and innovative promotions are the key understanding that impacted the market position of the hotel or restaurants. In this globalized market scenario, benefits of promotion are expanding the marketing perspective of business. Lots of people know about the hotel, their culture, their quality, and specialties and also know the productivity and brand image of the hotel to make the promotion like this (Mok, Sparks and Kadampully 2013). The level of customers satisfaction and deliver good services and products has come after the people came into the hotel or restaurant seeing the promotion. The ultimate level of showcasing quality and development of the hotel and deliver the best quality to the customers is the main focusing point in this session. Showing positive attitude in business is also important. In ancient ages, people are not aware of mobile or technological devices. Computers, laptop, tablets, Bluetooth w atches, different gadgets are not easily available in those time in past, however, in modern time hotels are booked through the mobile or laptop services. They can send their money too from their mobile wallet, these are the differentiation that hospitality industry introduced in modern times that have no clue in past. The entire technological innovation and developmental performance change also measure the improvement of product or services. In case of easy money transaction for booking a room is also available in this modern times, the process is almost impossible at past (Sainaghi, Phillips and Corti 2013). Customers satisfaction level is high enough in this differentiation process as the change in the product as well as easy services have noticed in this format and that deliver the better opportunity for customers. Therefore, it can be concluded that changes in historical, social, technological and cultural perspective are there and the changes come because of technological innovation and change mindset of satisfaction for customers. In most of the cases easy transaction, quality process, accommodation in hotel, food quality in restaurant, and service quality in the spa all these were not judged in a comparative way but in modern times these are the parameters that encourage better facilities in the hospitality industry and signify the particular hotel and restaurant in the market. A better customer relationship and maintain a lifetime value with customers provide a long-term use of maintaining relationships. The implementation of the strategy for every individual customer is the main fact of providing special care for every individual and provides quality service from hospitality services. References Becerra, M., Santal, J. and Silva, R., 2013. Being better vs. being different: Differentiation, competition, and pricing strategies in the Spanish hotel industry.Tourism Management,34, pp.71-79. Crawford, A., 2013. Hospitality operators' understanding of service: a qualitative approach.International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management,25(1), pp.65-81. Mok, C., Sparks, B. and Kadampully, J., 2013.Service quality management in hospitality, tourism, and leisure. Routledge. Sainaghi, R., Phillips, P. and Corti, V., 2013. Measuring hotel performance: Using a balanced scorecard perspectives approach.International Journal of Hospitality Management,34, pp.150-159. Snchez-Ollero, J.L., Garca-Pozo, A. and Marchante-Mera, A., 2014. 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